Unplug & Play 28th Jan 2018

Founded by Brenda and N.Kai, Unplug and Play is an event geared towards getting people off their phones through board games. Other than the activities, their music is just surreal. I mean, I can attend all their events just for the music. Had I going ‘ulalalah.’ The board games selection ranges from monopoly to chess, […]


Why we do it

Hello fellow wanderer, and welcome to another Ijumbe blog. Okay, I admit attending events and writing about them sounds like a total waste of time. Who does that? We should be doing more constructive things, right? Like, working on our careers, building empires, or saving the world. However, the world isn’t black and white, but […]


2017 Rusinga Cultural Festival Highlights

A Brief History Rusinga Cultural Festival is an annual commemoration to celebrate the Subanese culture which is under threat from the neighbouring Luo community. The Festival was established in 2011 by Ann Eboso, and last year was its 6th edition. It takes place every last Thursday and Friday before Christmas, and I might add it’s […]


Welcome to the Ijumbe Blog

I am eager to share with you in this forum the highlights of events, conferences, lectures, etc. happening around you. Here we recap some of the events happening and share the good, funny, and terrible moments. It’s our record for you to follow on in our journey, and probably get you excited about attending events. […]

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