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I am eager to share with you in this forum the highlights of events, conferences, lectures, etc. happening around you. Here we recap some of the events happening and share the good, funny, and terrible moments. It’s our record for you to follow on in our journey, and probably get you excited about attending events.

Can you relate to some of these frustrations?

The world is at a point where there is a higher dependence on technology than before and very little human interaction. Hey, we don’t hate tech, but we are more for creating memories and all about good vibes.

Other than the reduced human connection, most of our users, wonder about these frustrations:

  • Missing out on making memories
  • Spending too much time indoors when they would rather spend it making friends, and living eventfully
  • Not networking enough
  • Not having enough money to attend events
  • And finally that events are a reserve of a few individuals. The wealthy.

Well, we wish to deconstruct some of these myths and get you going out more often.

What is Ijumbe?

Ijumbe is a mobile application designed to inform you of the events around you. Our goal is to get the events that barely make it on to major platforms. The touch-rugby tournaments, the career development talks, the TEDx talks, the networking events, that history lecture, business talks, etc.

Also, we aim to enable you to share your events more reliably and conveniently letting others know what they can join in on. However, our top goal is to bring humanity one step closer and bring about more inter-person connections.

Here, you can expect a summary of key events, events we attend, and the importance of attending these events. You will also get a few fun-challenges to make event-going more fun. Finally, we will share about the development journey.

You will often hear from me (Mark Muchina), Misasa Joel, and occasionally Sitemba Peter (pay particular attention to the occasionally part).

Be mindful of the rules.

Well, we kinda hate rules. Nonetheless, they are inevitable so, keep comments relevant to the conversation, be mindful of other people’s views, and refrain from using vulgar language. Also we retain all rights to take down any comment that don’t adhere to our rules. Other than that, we encourage you to share your thoughts, disagreements, and even criticisms.

As of this writing, the Ijumbe app is still in development but will be launched on Jan 31st. Mark the date. If you are reading this anytime from 1st Feb, you can download the application on Google Play store. Apologies to IOS users as we are yet to release the IOS version.

Thank you for reading, and being part of this Ijumbe welcome blog.

Mark Muchina.

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