2017 Rusinga Cultural Festival Highlights

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A Brief History

Rusinga Cultural Festival is an annual commemoration to celebrate the Subanese culture which is under threat from the neighbouring Luo community. The Festival was established in 2011 by Ann Eboso, and last year was its 6th edition. It takes place every last Thursday and Friday before Christmas, and I might add it’s fantastic.

My Highlights

In less than ten words, missing the next edition isn’t an option.

First, the journey to Rusinga from Kisumu through Homa Bay and Mbita is quite picturesque. I wouldn’t have imagined such uninterrupted beauty. Vast flat lands (hey, I am from hilly Nyeri), a delightful drive by the lakeside, and superb roads . Given that this is a cultural festival, you will also revel in the culture of the Luo people as you drive to Rusinga.

The celebration comes to a climax in the boat races. This is an arduous task, but I must say one that is quite rewarding (for the spectators anyway, don’t know about the contestants). Yes, there was financial reimbursement which made the races all worthwhile for the participants. Ps. Kenyan Government, you should develop this sport. I was lucky to get on a boat and follow the contestants, and that was the best part for me. Nothing is better than losing sight of the beach and getting lost in the vast lake; quite an experience.

The boat races end at 12 pm, and we proceed for the Miss Rusinga celebration. Okay, at this time I was more interested in the food for how else would they know I was Kenyan? Their porridge, ‘Owusera’ is exceptional.


Can’t put it in words, but I must say I loved it and the fact that I took it from a gourd made it all the more sumptuous. And then they had three varieties of Ugali. Trust me I had the same look. The fish was good, and the various healthy vegetable options were good too.

At this point (2 pm), I had to leave for I had to get back to Kisumu and it is a four-hour journey from Rusinga. I did not like it one bit. However, I wouldn’t leave without a selfie with Magunga of TheMagunga Bookstore.

I also got the opportunity to meet Wendy Watta an African Travel Vlogger, but I did not know it was her at the time. Very smart of me. Here is her review of the festival.

Things I Missed, and You Might Enjoy

  • Wrestling matches.
  • Crowning of and Mrs. Rusinga
  • Ferry Rides
  • Performance by Jack Nyadundo


By and large, this festival is for people in search of a different experience. Also, event-goers who enjoy diversity, nature, and seeing different cultures will love this. For my part, bye bye Diani, I will be spending my holidays in Rusinga.  * Anyone could guess why that is, right people!!*

And now that you are here, I would like to remind you to download our app Ijumbe from the Google Playstore, for more events happening around you.

Good Bye.

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