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Hello fellow wanderer, and welcome to another Ijumbe blog.

Okay, I admit attending events and writing about them sounds like a total waste of time. Who does that? We should be doing more constructive things, right? Like, working on our careers, building empires, or saving the world. However, the world isn’t black and white, but one with many grey areas.

So why do we do what we do?

  • The ‘High’

Life is all about the ‘high.’ It’s all about that feel good feeling you get anytime you do anything. You buy new clothes because they make you feel good. You have certain friends because they make you feel good. You eat certain food because . . . .  Yees it makes you feel good. Well, it’s the same for us with Ijumbe and events. It’s our high. For me anyway. Getting to mingle with people, learn about different cultures, have different experiences (critical), is spine-tingling.

Take our adventures in Rusinga Island, if you have not read about it, check it out here. The odds are without Ijumbe, without the Rusinga Cultural Festival, we wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to witness such a rich culture, such a beautiful people, or experience the beauty that is Nyanza and chances are we will not get that opportunity again.

  • Learning

There is a misconception that events are only about entertainment. Well, that is quite far from the truth. If you have read our previous blog posts, you will realize we have not reviewed any entertainment event. Okay, they might be only two blog posts, but still.

Events are an excellent avenue to learn. Take the Lapid Leaders or Inuka Leadership events or even the Forex trading conference held at Kenyatta University last year. These events will teach you how to advance your career, how to start and accelerate your company, or how to trade in the money markets. And mind you, these are only the few we have come across. Imagine the thousands of events that we haven’t heard about? Can you fathom the learning opportunities available and are all happening around you without your knowledge? So, attend more events, and learn more. You might not be one for the party life, but there is more to events than partying.

Before I get to the last and what is perhaps the top reason why we attend events, I would like to remind you to download our Ijumbe app from Google PlayStore (launching on 31st Jan. Sorry iPhone users. We will sort you out soon), to be updated on events around you.

  • Networking

Again, our experience at Rusinga was elating. It never crossed our minds that we would get the opportunity to meet the Magical Kenya team, or Dala Adventures team, Magunga (an incredible writer and entrepreneur), or Wendy Watta, the fantastic African travel vlogger. These are networks we cultivated that will help us move to the next level. And aren’t you worth only as much as your networks?

So get out more, attend more events and while at it, get to know a stranger. You might be surprised by what you find out. Learn, network, and grow.

By and large, we love what we do. Getting to live a different kind of life is exhilarating. Not knowing what is next? Not knowing whether what we are doing is going to work or not but believing it’s going to take us to new heights, is a ‘high’ on its own. And isn’t life all about the ‘high’? As the Ijumbe team, we are looking forward to an eventful 2018.

Thank you for being here and don’t forget to get the app for more incredible events. Live eventfully.


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